The Concept of HotFut

HotFut Sports is a Sports Development Company that provides world class sports facilities and infrastructure for the grassroots level public. HotFut Sports combines state of the art infrastructure, fine-tuned technical & management systems, and talented people in an economically viable business model. This model ensures a holistic sports development programme, making HotFut an ideal platform for sports development and sports education.

In a country like India, Such an integrated system ensures a sporting experience like never before.

HotFut aims at grassroots development of sports in India. Having world-class arenas as personal assets, Hotfut goes beyond just a sports arena. It is able to reach out to and engage the community through sport. HotFut is able to achieve this though its Five Verticals.

The 5 Verticals of HotFut

HotFut primarily is in the business of setting up quality sports pitches/fields/courts for the play of sports and sport development. HotFut believes in giving the best sporting experiuence and have set up world class infrastructure - FIFA recognised artificial turf, fully enclosed netting, bright night lighting, changing rooms, and F&B...
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HotFut Academy has been established to tap into the talent that is hidden within a population of 1.2 billion in India. With UEFA, AFC and FA Licenced coaches, HotFut Academy aims to produce talent of international caliber. The Academy also aims at creating and providing career opportunities in the field...
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NIKE has a tie-up with HotFut for HotFut to be the exclusive vendors of their slick range of Nike Fives turf shoes in India. HotFut also produces cool sports merchadise of its own.

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HotFut serves as an ideal place to conduct sporting activities. From Corporate events to Birthday Parties, Open Tournaments to International Game Screenings, HotFut can not only host, but also create and manage the entire event.

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We at HotFut believe in the power of sports to transform lives and create better human beings. This is the Raison dtre of HotFut. Through our in-house programs and strategic tie-ups, HotFut aims at providing education, empowerment and upliftment opportunities to the underprivileged using sports as a platform.

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History of HotFut

The concept of HotFut was birthed out of the dearth of football playing facilities within the city of Pune, India. Directors, Pavit & Nikhil, both lovers of the sport, recognized the void in sporting facilities within the Cities of India. Further research revealed some stagerring observations. There is an alarming draught when it comes to sporting facilities, as compared to the popoulation, in urban areas.

The solution - a world-class sports facility within the city that can overcome the commercial, infrastructural, real estate, and legal limitations that is open for all. HotFut set up 3 Futsal Pitches in Pune in 2012.

Within three months from set up, HotFut was averaging 8000 - 10,000 foot falls a month. This gave a peek into just how much of hunger there is!

India: Sports Demographics

  1. Population & Demographics
    • 1.2 billion population
    • 54% of the population is below 25 years (60 % below 30 years of age)
    • 125 million speak English
    • 94 million Middle Class
  2. Growing Economy
    • Growth of approximately 8% per year
    • Recreational consumption 1$ billion and growing at 9% per year
    • Wide range of potential domestic and global commercial sponsors

There isn't much that needs to be said regarding Cricket in India. However, Football being the primary focus of HotFut, there has been a phenomenal growth of Football in India.

The demographic, economic and media opportunities are staggering. In a growing economy the opportunities to interact with educated, English speaking, digitally competent professional with disposable income are significant. There is evidence that this urban middle class has demonstrated an interest in football through TV viewing and as reported by CNN,1 a Nielsen survey in 2010 which found that 47% of India's 1.2 billion population would describe themselves as football fans. According to TAM Sports,2 155 million Indians watched football on television in 2010, up from 124 million in 2009 and 83 million in 2008. Over 2008-2010, the number of viewers watching cricket in India rose from 122 million to 176 million. Football almost kept pace with it.3

More At HotFut


The HotFut Sports Bar and Restaurant is India’s first Restro-Bar with a Sports Arena. The ultimate chilling zone - complete with multiple beer taps fizzing out some of the best beer flavours for you!

Unwind at at the sports themed lounge, serving some lip smacking munchies that’s sure to leave your taste buds exhilarated. Enjoy indoor lounge games over a drink, catch a game on the screens, or simply watch a live game out the window.

The HotFut Sports Bar and Restaurant has an open terrace that gives you a breathtaking view of the city on one side and an arial view of a game at the Arena below on the other.

The Sports Bar and Restaurant would be the IDEAL place for Corporate or Private Events, parties, or just a place to Chill out after a heated game on the pitch!



Raw, Young and Green! That’s Callow for you. Yummy mouth watering snacks, burgers that are to die for....and Smoothies!! Tropical water, fruit shakes...everything made right fresh with fresh fruits and without any added sugar! We bet you won’t get such smoothies and flavours anywhere else in the city.

With very unique flavours like Spinach-Cucumber- Guava, apple-apricot-cinnamon, Raspberry chocolate, etc. the smoothies are a rich dose of nutrients and freshness. Tropical water, especially introduced for summers is a very nice option for hydrating yourself. These are available in flavours like pineapple, green apple, guava, etc.

You’ll find Callow a very pretty place and carefully designed. Even a look at it will give you that breezy feeling. The complete stall designed by the owners itself, two young and vibrant entrepreneurs; Seher and Natasha.

Birthday Parties and Events are a blast here, with custom designed F&B varieties that are more than pleasing to just the eye.



HotFut has an exclusive tie-up with NIKE in India to sell their slick range of NIKE FIVES range of futsal and turf shoes. Considering the increasing interest of consumers in Futsal and truf playing, Every HotFut commercial venue has a NIKE Store selling these shoes and other Nike merchandise.

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The HotFut Bus, all said and done is a dream come true for Parents!! Most parents don’t have time to persoanlly drop their children to a HotFut venue. The HotFut Bus shall pick up and drop children to and from HotFut.

Call +91 7774 018 094 to check availability at your location and route.