HotFut Journey!

HotFut Sports is a Sports Development Company that provides world class sports facilities and infrastructure for the grassroots level public. HotFut Sports combines state of the art infrastructure, fine-tuned technical & management systems, and talented people in an economically viable business model. This model ensures a holistic sports development programme, making HotFut an ideal platform for sports development and sports education.

In a country like India, Such an integrated system ensures a sporting experience like never before.

HotFut aims at grassroots development of sports in India. Having world-class arenas as personal assets, Hotfut goes beyond just a sports arena. It is able to reach out to and engage the community through sport. HotFut is able to achieve this though its Five Verticals.

History of Hotfut

The concept of HotFut was birthed out of the dearth of football playing facilities within the city of Pune, India. Directors, Pavit & Nikhil, both lovers of the sport, recognized the void in sporting facilities within the Cities of India. Further research revealed some stagerring observations. There is an alarming draught when it comes to sporting facilities, as compared to the popoulation, in urban areas.

The solution - a world-class sports facility within the city that can overcome the commercial, infrastructural, real estate, and legal limitations that is open for all. HotFut set up 3 Futsal Pitches in Pune in 2012.

Within three months from set up, HotFut was averaging 8000 - 10,000 foot falls a month. This gave a peek into just how much of hunger there is!

More at Hotfut

  • "The pioneers of futsal in India. These guys are all set to take grassroots and social football to the next level. Football at Hotfut is an addiction." Remus D'cruz, Sports Marketing Professional

  • “We had our Company Day at HotFut and it was a thrilling experience. We’ve been having events at HotFut ever since.” Mr. Ali Peerbhoy (Manager), SYNECHRON (Pune, India)